About Tracy

Hi! I’m an artist, storyteller, and adventurer. I’m here to inspire others with my whimsical creativity and goofy sense of humor. I have FUN when I create, which in turn brings joy into the process, which inevitably gets infused into my artwork; the goal being to get you to smile!

This website includes some of my favorite and most popular paintings and images created through the years. I have always been an artist … coloring on the fresh wallpaper mom put in my room as a child … earning a college degree in the arts … continuing my artistic educational opportunities … sharing my art in gallery showings and selling to many fans. However, through the years I succumbed to the practical way of keeping up with the demands of society and held “real-life” jobs in marketing, sales, travel hospitality and the elder care industries. (Don’t get me wrong, I really “rocked” these jobs when I was having fun!) It was always my “back-burner” goal to pursue a long-held dream of leading a creative life and making a living at it.

The road of creativity isn’t always straightforward and easy, and I’m thankful for the significant and varied years of challenges, adventures, learning opportunities, and surprises that have contributed to the rich tapestry of my creativity and sense of humor. I’m especially grateful to my parents, who have supported my talents, helped me with an education, and for always being there for me as my #1 fans. My heartfelt thanks goes to all my supporters, fans and loyal customers, who have constantly shown enthusiasm and encouraged me to pursue my artistic endeavors. Thank you!

Tracy Hennessy